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Great Mate Special's


400mm ARIX Demo Saw Blade Diamond  $338.00 each
G/P 16" Diamond Saw Blade Blue ARROW $245.00 SUIT ALL TRADES
FAST CUT Brick Saw blades 350mm $140.00 each Non-Silent
Our diamond blades will cut most major Building materials including : -
** Masonry, brick, reinforced concrete, tiles, stone, besser blocks, hard brick pavers, cement tiles, walls and cement floors, sandstone, hebel, etc
**Wet or Dry cutting on Petrol, Diesel & Electric equipment saws

All Products are Quality Guaranteed!

All prices quoted above includes GST.
Delivery can be arranged overnight or same day*
*Call now while stocks last!
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Professional Concrete Cutting Saw Blades
Sydney Diamond Tools
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